Dialogue with our customers is one of our strengths. It allows us to listen to your needs and translate them into prototypes and samples resulting from feasibility studies and technical expertise.

Our showroom is a real laboratory where supply and demand meet to produce innovative and unique solutions, yours.

Our internal technical office is available for everything related to the direct and qualified interface with your company in order to develop products you need, whether they are in the catalog, or to be customized to measure. Come and visit us to touch the beating heart of the company, you will not regret it!


Thanks to prototyping with 3D printing, we make possible for the customer to quickly evaluate the project. We have also set up a special room for photometric tests on LED light sources aimed at guaranteeing to the customer a quality product which is always controlled.

Don’t give yourself limits, you can find in us the assistance you need to differentiate yourself on the market thanks to our product technical department.


In over 20 years of history, ZEMIS has designed, developed and produced lighting fixtures and systems for markets of the major countries in the world.

We are a dynamic partner for a custom-made design service from the contract to the technical sector, from furniture to the automotive sector.

Concept, engineering, prototyping, up to production, with great importance to the customization required for your contract projects.


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